Baccalaureate Speaker

Kionne L. McGhee, Esq.

Kionne L. McGhee, Esq., is the District 9 Miami-Dade County Commissioner. He is also the former Florida House Democratic Leader, representing House District 117, former assistant prosecutor, best-selling author of Conquering Hope: The Life You Were Destined to Live, and A Mere I Can is AMERICAN, and host of the Kionne McGhee Morning Show. His story is one of triumph in the face of adversity. Categorically stamped emotionally handicapped from the age of six (6), McGhee’s future forecast was cloudy with no silver lining. To the world, the numbers said it all…78 IQ, 1.9 GPA, 580 SAT score, and 0% chance of surviving past the age of 21. These, and other factors, contributed to a difficult childhood educational experience that included subpar test scores, negative labeling, and placement in special education.

McGhee’s accomplishments also include publisher of Broken Veil, adjunct-college professor, former Assistant Regional Counsel, and nationally recognized motivational speaker. He is motivating and inspiring generations of people into the next phenomenon of consciousness on issues ranging from education to politics. Commissioner McGhee, graduate of Howard University and Thurgood Marshall of Law, has been seen by millions on national television. Listeners and viewers are drawn to this modern-day, legal scholar, author, educator, and speaker who is armed with relevant information, a quick wit, an informed opinion, and a unique ability to inspire others to own their full potential despite their personal experiences.

Commissioner McGhee has been featured on the reality television show “College Hill,” recognized by AT&T and the Miami Herald as a one of Miami’s Rising Voices, recognized as a Legal Trendsetter by Trendsetter magazine, recognized as a Second Chance Advocate by The Miami Times, and published in different publications around the country. He has been featured on Miami’s premiere radio stations: HOT 105, 99JAMZ, WMBM 1490, Chicago’s WVON 1690, The Dr. Empowerment Show, and Inspire Me Radio: American Hope. Commissioner McGhee interned with the First Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas, the United States Senate, Miami-Dade County Board of County Commission, and numerous prestigious law firms. Currently, Commissioner McGhee volunteers as a board member on many community organizations and has received many community awards.

In 2012, he was elected to the Florida House of Representatives. During his freshman year in the Florida Legislature, Commissioner McGhee received numerous awards, including Florida’s Middle-Class Champion, Florida’s Bar Legislator Award, for his expertise and advocacy. In 2014, when the legislature considered a bill that would have allowed “unlicensed gun owners to carry their weapons after evacuating during an emergency,” which McGhee voted against when it was considered before the House Judiciary Committee, saying that it would result in “local militias.” The Miami Herald praised McGhee for his “sensibly cast” vote against the legislation, which it called “misguided.” Additionally, when the legislature failed to act on legislation that would have raised the state’s minimum wage from $7.93 to $10.10 an hour, McGhee joined several of his colleagues in living on the minimum wage for a week and was followed by TV cameras while he purchased food for the week at a Publix store.

In 2017, Commissioner McGhee was elected to serve as the 2018-2020 Florida House Democratic Leader. Commissioner McGhee was named to Legacy Miami Magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Black Professionals in Business and Industry List. Commissioner McGhee’s leadership qualities have been recognized by former Governors, current and former judges, Miami Dade Public Defender Carlos Martinez, the Miami Herald newspaper, the Miami Times newspaper, The Gospel Truth magazine, Greater Miami Service Corps, Transition Inc., MPACT program, Miami Dade County School Board, Miami – Dade Board of County Commissioners, Miami Dade Community Action Agency, South Florida Workforce and many others for his dedication and hard work. Leader McGhee is a member of Peaceful Zion Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. C.P. Preston.

Commissioner McGhee realized his struggle for better housing, education, jobs, and family life were American struggles. And that deep down in his struggles, were the ingredients for success. Commissioner McGhee’s journey led him to one conclusion: the American Dream is neither material nor is it only available to a certain class or race of people. It is simply having a second chance to do what was not done the first time around.